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User Manual

Archive materials are not arranged by subject as in libraries. The collection is organized based on archival arrangement methods where materials are arranged by source or provenance.

Here are the steps to conduct research and searches on the OFA portal:

  1. Information Gathering
    Before starting your search, gather and review basic information about the chosen topic first.

    For example, if you want to find information about a figure, gather personal information about the figure (letters, pictures, agreements) through reading or other secondary sources (magazines, newspapers, websites, etc.). Some information that may be obtained includes:
    1. Full name and title
    2. Date of birth
    3. Citizenship status
    4. Address (Place of birth and service)

  2. Records Stored in the National Archives
    The National Archives is established to collect, preserve, and provide reference services for records. The collection of records stored in the National Archives dates back to as early as records from the year 1600. The archival material collection consists of Files, Publications, Newspapers/Magazines, Agreements, Audiovisual materials, Royal Archives, Private Letters, Records and Private archives, Microfilms, Pictures, Maps, Plans, and Charts.
    You can search by:
    • Reviewing information available in the collection
    • Reviewing popular research topics
    • Browsing fact sheets
    • Using search guides
    • Checking sources in alphabetical order from A-Z

  3. Searching Through the Collection
    Online Finding Aids (OFA) serve as a database for archival material collections. This online search method is translated through archival arrangement methods:
    • Category
    • Sub-category
    • Source
    • Subject
    • Record type
    • Archival Material

    The search methods available in the OFA system are divided into:
    • Keyword Search
    • Archive Search
    • Digital Search
    • Subject

    Searches can be conducted using:
    • Keywords
    • Name search
    • Identifier Number search
    • Source search
    • Search by material type

  4. Research Results and Access to Records
    Only records with open status can be found.
    A description of each material will be displayed on the detailed information screen. Besides the description, other information displayed includes the title, receipt number, date, and others.

  5. Copy Reservation
    Copy reservation is the process of purchasing duplicate copies of archival material. The copy reservation process can be made online or manually. Online reservations can be made using the OFA system, while for manual reservations, the selected material title along with size and quantity information must be filled out in a special form before being sent to the National Archives of Malaysia. The fee charged is based on the rates set according to the National Archives of Malaysia Regulations (Fi) 2005 Amendment 2012.
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