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What are the payment methods?
Payments can be made via:

  1. Online payment
    • Credit cards
    • FPX (HL online, Maybank, Bank Islam, PBeBank, CIMB Clicks)
  2. Payments at the Research Hall
    • Credit Cards
    • FPX (HL online, Maybank, Bank Islam, PBeBank, CIMB Clicks)
    • Cash (Research Hall, National Archives)

What records are in custody of the National Archives?

The National Archives functions as a repository and custodian of official records, private records, as well as memorial and library materials. The collection of archival materials consists of Files, Publications, Newspapers/Magazines, Agreement Letters, Audio Visual Materials, Royal Archives, Personal Letters, Private Records and Archives, Microfilms, Photographs, Maps, Plans and Charts.


Why do I need to register?
Registration is compulsory/mandatory to obtain a research number to enable you to purchase, view documents, audio and video materials and to use facilities in the Research Hall.

How to register?
Click the ‘New Registration’ link on the top right hand corner of the screen and fill in the required information. Confirmation of registration with research number will be sent to your email address.

What if one has forgotten one's password?
You are required to click on ‘Forgot Password’ for a new password registration. Confirmation of new password registration will be sent to the registered researcher’s email.

Subscriber Archives

How to be a subscriber?
Click on the ‘New Subscriber’ button to subscribe. Registered users may subscribe by paying a subscription fee. Please refer to Regulations on National Archives of Malaysia (Fees) 2005 Amendments 2012 (Peraturan-peraturan Arkib Negara Malaysia (Fi) 2005 Pindaan 2012.) A valid subscription period is one (1) year minimum and three (3) years maximum. Subscription renewal can be made after expiration of subscription period.

Advantage of being a subscriber?
By becoming subscriber of the Archives, you are able to view in full the document material in PDF format, 120 seconds for audio material and 90 seconds for video materials, as well as able to purchase copies of the material online through search results performed.


Will Archives subscribers be able to book physical materials which are still in analogue form as a reference in the Research Hall?

How are bookings made for Archival materials in analogue form?
Click on the ‘Book’ button on the selected material. The list of the analogue material selected can be viewed on the ‘To Buy’ screen. Booking confirmations will be sent to the registered email.

When may bookings be made?
Document materials : 3 days before the materials are referred.
Audio dan Video materials : 5 days before the materials are referred.
Film material : 14 days before the materials are referred.

What are the amount/number of materials may be booked at any one time?
The total number of materials that can be booked at any one time are 5 titles only.

Where may I refer to the booked materials?
The materials which have been booked may be referred to at the Research Hall according to the location of the physical material.

Are Archives subscribers able to extend the material reference period at the Research Hall??

What is the extension duration period of the material ?
Three (3) days from the date the materials is obtained (reference)


What is purchasing?
Purchasing is the process of purchasing/buying duplicates of archival materials online.

How does one make a purchase?
Click the ‘Buy’ button on the chosen materials. Material confirmations must be made on the ‘To Buy’ list. Confirmed materials will be listed automatically in the ‘Shopping cart’. The total price and postal delivery rate will be displayed. Click on the ‘Continue’ button for payment screen to appear.

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