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Terms and Conditions Booking Archives

Terma dan syarat ini hendaklah dibaca, difahami dan dipersetujui sebelum permohonan tempahan arkib awam dikemukakan mengikut Akta Arkib Negara 2003 (Akta 629) danPeraturan Dewan Penyelidikan yang telah ditetapkan:


1) Permohonan pinjamanarkib awam semasa di dewan penyelidikan.
2) Permohonan pinjamanarkib awam sebelum hadir ke dewan penyelidikan.

Rizab” bermaksud perkhidmatan simpansementara arkib awam.

  1. Syarat Tempahan Arkib Awam Di Dewan Penyelidikan :
    1. Tempahan dibenarkan kepada pengguna yang telah berdaftar sahaja.
    2. Tempahan yang dilakukan di dalam dewan penyelidikan, dihadkan kepada 10 unit arkib awam sahajapada satu masa.
    3. Tempahan secara manual dihadkan kepada 5 unit arkib awam sahaja pada satu masa.
    4. Arkib awam yang masih perlu dirujuk boleh disimpan sementara selama 3 hari berkerja dari tarikh dipohon.
  2. Syarat Tempahan Arkib Awam Dalam Talian:
    1. Tempahan arkib awam hanyadibenarkan kepada penyelidik berdaftar sahaja
    2. Hanya 3 unit arkib awam (belum didigitalkan) sahaja yang boleh dipohon pada satu masa
    3. Dokumen yang belum didigitalkan boleh dipohon untuk dirizab selama 3 hari berkerja sebelum hadir di Dewan Penyelidikan.
    4. Bahan audio dan video yang belum didigitalkan boleh dipohon untuk dirizab selama 5 hari berkerja sebelum hadir di Dewan Penyelidikan PPPAV.
    5. Bahan filem yang belum didigitalkan boleh dipohon untuk dirizab selama 14 hari berkerja sebelum hadir di Dewan Penyelidikan
  3. Pembatalan:
    1. Tempahan boleh dibatalkan oleh penyelidik berdaftar dalam masa 24 jam selepas tempahan.
    2. Tempahan akan dibatalkan sekiranya penyelidik berdaftar tidak hadir pada tarikh yang ditetapkan.

Terms and Conditions of Registration Research

These terms and conditions must be read, understood and agreed before you submit the application as an archives user:

“Registration Form”
Refers to the form which must be completed by an individual to apply for permission to refer to archival materials from the Director-General.

“Registration Number”
Refers to the unique number given to the user as the identity of the archive user. This number is given according to the year of registration, followed by the numbers in series (serial number)for the year..

“Registered User”
Refers to an individual whose application has been approved to refer to the public archives and utilise the research facilities. They are also termed as Archives User in these terms and conditions.

“Registration Confirmation”
Refers to the confirmation response via e-mail for individuals who applied to become the archives user.

“Archives Customer”
refers to the user applying, paying the subscription fees according to the validity period, and whose application is approved by the Director-General, for the use of online research facilities.

“Validity Renewal”
is and refers to the application for extension of the validity period as an archives customer.

is a public archives copy used in the publication of books / documentaries / films and others.

Archive User Application
  1. Individuals who wish to use the  public archives research facilities either online or by being present at the Research Hall, must first apply for permission from the Director-General via the online archives user Registration Form.
  2. The information provided in the Registration Form must be correct and complete.
  3. Individuals who have been accepted as an archives user will be given a Registration Number via a Registration Confirmation sent through the e-mail.
  4. Archives users are required to update their personal information if there are any changes.
  5. Registration will enable archives users :
    1. To conduct online materials search.
    2. To view the first ten displays of full view digital documents or 50% of the full display of digital documents that are less than ten pages.
    3. To view 90 seconds of visual material clips for free.
    4. listen to 120 seconds of audio material clips for free.
    5. Able to make online booking of physical material before going to the Research Hall for reference.
  6. Archive users who are present at any of the National Archives of Malaysia Research Hall to present the Archives User Registration Number before being allowed to enter.
  7. Pengguna Arkib yang tidak patuh pada Akta Arkib Negara 2003 (Akta 629), serta peraturan yang berkaitan dengannya boleh disenarai hitam dan dibatal pendaftarannya.
  8. Archives users who do not conform to the National Archives Act 2003 (Act 629), and the regulations pertaining thereto may be blacklisted and his/her registration cancelled.
Application as an Archives Customer
  1. Registered users may apply to become an Archives Customer in order to enjoy the convenience of the full online digital records.
  2. The validity of an Archives Customer is for one year.
  3. Archives Customer will be charged a service fee of RM10 / USD10 for a period of one year.
  4. Permohonan pembaharuan sahlaku sebagai Pelanggan Arkib hendaklah dilaksanakan satu bulan sebelum tarikh luput.
  5. Validity renewal application as an Archives Customer are to be undertaken one month prior to the expiry date.
  6. The Archives Customer will enjoy amenities such as:
    1. Search for online materials.
    2. View the full display of digital documents.
    3. Watch the full display of visual materials.
    4. Listen to the entire information from audio materials.
    5. Able to download digital materials and adhere with the prescribed fee.
    6. Able to purchase digital materials in bulk.
    7. May make online reservations for physical materials before going to the Research Hall for reference.
Use / Copy of Public Archives
  1. Materials or copies of public archives can only be used for research and reference purposes only.
  2. Any copy of archival materials used for commercial purposes must first obtain the permission of the Director-General and state the material source clearly.
  3. Copies of the same archival material cannot be used for any other purposes except with the permission of the Director-General.
  4. Use of public archives at the Research Hall is subjected to its rules.
Duplication and Reproduction of Archival Materials
  1. Any duplication of public archives materials  is subject to the Archives Act 2003 (Act 629) and Regulations of the National Archives of Malaysia (Fees) 2005.
  2. Reproduction of any Public Archives material for commercial purposes should clearly indicate the resources as from the National Archives of Malaysia.

Terms And Conditions for Subscription

Terms of Use
This legal notice is specific to Online Finding Aids, National Archives of Malaysia and overrides any other legal notice appearing elsewhere on National Archives of Malaysia (NAM)  websites.

By requesting a trial or registering to access NAM, Online Finding Aids (hereinafter OFA) you are indicating that you accept the terms and conditions set out below.

Tables of content and extracts of chapters may be accessed free of charge by all users of OFA.

The full texts of chapters (referred to hereinafter as 'Content') may be accessed only by Authorised Users. 'Authorised User' is defined as:

  • an individual who is authorised to access OFA content through the secure network at a purchasing institution, via his/her affiliation with a purchasing institution as a current student, faculty member, library patron, or employee
  • an individual who holds a valid electronic personal subscription
  • an individual who is a member of a society that has arranged for access to OFA for its current members

Fees and Payment
Your annual subscription must be fully paid before you will be provided with access to OFA.
You agree to pay all fees and charges incurred in connection with your subscription, including but not limited to applicable taxes and communications or access charges, at the rates in effect when the charges were incurred.

Institutional Access
An appropriate IP address range(s) to that institution's site must be registered to activate each electronic purchase. Responsibility for the allocation of the IP addresses to the subscription lies with the registrant (not the publisher or service provider).

Individual Access
Individuals with a valid electronic subscription to the relevant Collection(s) qualify as Authorised Users following registration and specification of username and password.
Members of selected societies may obtain individual access via their society membership. Access to full OFA content for society members is controlled by a referrer URL, whereby members authenticate on the society's web site and are given access via a link on that site to OFA. For questions about this type of authentication, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Terms and Conditions of Use
Users acknowledge that all rights relating to OFA are the sole and exclusive property of National Archives of Malaysia and that this Agreement does not convey any right, title or interest therein except the right to use OFA in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Users undertake to ensure that the intellectual property rights of the copyright holder and the software owners and the moral rights of the authors of the Content are not infringed.

Users may access, search and view individual chapters for personal use only. Print, copy and download permissions may vary from collection to collection depending on the sensitivity and rights available for the content. Unless otherwise stated below, users may make copies, printed or otherwise, of one chapter or up to 5% of the pages from each OFA title, whichever is the greater.

Hypertext links to other Web locations are for the convenience of users and do not constitute any endorsement or authorisation by National Archives of Malaysia.

Authorised Users are not permitted to:

  • Engage in systematic copying or downloading of the Content or transmit any part of the Content by any means to any unauthorised user
  • Allow copies to be stored or accessed by an unauthorised user
  • Mount or distribute any part of the Content on any electronic network, including without limitation the Internet and the World Wide Web, other than as specified in these terms and conditions
  • Make the Content available in any other form or medium or create derivative works without the written permission of National Archives of Malaysia. For permissions information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • Alter, amend, modify or change the Content
  • Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise alter software
  • Maintain downloaded content after expiration of subscription

National Archives of Malaysia’s explicit written permission must be obtained in order to:

  • Use all or any part of the Content for any Commercial Use
  • Distribute the whole or any part of the Content to anyone other than Authorised Users
  • Publish, distribute or make available the Content, works based on the Content or works which combine the Content with any other content, other than as permitted in these terms and conditions;

National Archives of Malaysia reserves the right to withdraw the subscriber's access to the Content in the event of deliberate and/or systematic breach of these terms and conditions by any Authorised User.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Content in this form is copyright National Archives of Malaysia or published under exclusive license from the copyright holder by National Archives of Malaysia.

Disclaimers Regarding Services and Materials

National Archives of Malaysia does not warrant that OFA will be usefully accessible in every hardware/software environment. National Archives of Malaysia does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in OFA, or its merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

National Archives of Malaysia will have no liability to any person for any loss or damage arising out of use of, or inability to use, OFA. The OFA service is supplied on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis. We exclude all liability whatever, to the fullest extent permitted by law, in respect of any loss or damage resulting or arising from any non-availability or use of this website or of any other website linked to it, or from reliance on the contents of this website or any material or content accessed through it.

Fair Dealing
Nothing in this Agreement shall limit your rights to make 'fair dealing' of OFA Content as that term is defined under the Malaysia Copyright Act, 1987.

Renewals and Termination of Subscription
This Agreement shall commence on your acceptance of these terms of use, such acceptance being indicated by checking the box at the bottom of the registration/trial form. The Agreement shall remain in full force and effect for the duration of the subscription period or until a) you notify National Archives of Malaysia of your decision to terminate your subscription prior to the time of renewal, or b) National Archives of Malaysia terminates your subscription in accordance with this Agreement.

In the event that you commit a material breach of this Agreement National Archives of Malaysia may, at its discretion, terminate this Agreement, and/or exercise all rights and remedies which may be available to it in law or equity.
National Archives of Malaysia may terminate this Agreement at any time. In the event that National Archives of Malaysia terminates this Agreement for reasons other than your breach of this Agreement, you will be refunded the pro rata portion of any subscription fees that you have paid.

Upon termination of this Agreement, you agree to continue to adhere to the provisions of this Agreement relating to any National Archives of Malaysia Intellectual Property.

Changes to Agreement
National Archives of Malaysia may change, add or remove portions of this Agreement, at any time. Such changes shall (i) be highlighted on the OFA home page with a link to the new terms of use; and (ii) sent via email or postal mail to your preferred address. Your continued use of OFA shall be deemed to constitute your consent to such changed terms.

Privacy Policy
If you supply personal details to National Archives of Malaysia through this website then you consent to our maintaining, recording, holding and using such personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

No Waiver
Either party's waiver or failure to require performance by the other, of any provisions of this Agreement will not affect its full right to require such performance at any subsequent time, or be construed to be a waiver of the provision itself.


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